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                         CHAPTER 1: HEAVENLY SIGNS

              God’s truth is revealed through His heavenly wonders of creation as well as His Word which has been given to

              mankind.  Are there signs for judgment in the heavens?  Is there judgment for a nation which has turned away
              from God in its government? The U.S. Courts have declared it lawful to do things which are considered an
              abomination by God. Does this government call upon God in prayer for wisdom in solving its serious problems
              such as its debt crisis? The United States has been extremely blessed in the past. What has gone wrong?

             2 Chronicles 7:14 “and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My
              face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal
              their land.”
             Is it because the people will not “humble themselves” before God? Could it be as simple as humbling before the
              Almighty God, the Creator of this visible world? But, the people must turn from their wicked ways. There are
              numerous cases of the nation of Israel not turning from their wicked ways. The outcome has been war which
              ultimately resulted in being conquered and taken into captivity. It has been an ever gradual decline in values that
              has occurred over the last fifty years that brought this nation to not fear God anymore. Now, we have at least
              two generations of children that have not been taught to pray.  This is because the Supreme Court of this mighty
              nation declared it illegal to pray in the public schools. How could the most powerful nation with its eagle emblem
              fail? History repeats itself for empire upon empire has failed. The Babylonian, Persian, Grecian and Roman
              Empires have all failed due to corruption. They still remain as small and insignificant countries; but they are no
              longer empires with mighty powers. What happens to a people who will not humble themselves before God? We
              shall look into the heavens to see if there is a sign of judgment coming to this mighty nation. In the End Times,
              there is no western empire prophesied by Daniel to come to the rescue of Israel during the Great Tribulation.
              God created the heavens for greater significance than separating the day from the night. It was created to display
              “Heavenly Signs.” Before there was the Word of God given to man, the heavens were used to declare the Glory of
              the Creator. God had given a clear interpretation of the star constellations to Adam and Enoch, who handed it
              down generation after generation. Many scholars state that God defined the star motion through the skies at the
              time of creation and science has confirmed this with mathematical laws. The constellations are a set of pictures in
              the sky that convey a message about creation and the plan of salvation for this world. The Constellation of Virgo
              represents Christ born of a virgin. Virgo has a branch or stem in her hand which is mentioned in Isaiah 11:1. The
              Virgin Mary gave birth to Christ the male child, who was from the stem of Jesse, the father of King David. The
              “head and eye” of the dragon in the Constellation of Draco is over Virgo ready to devour her. This is mentioned in
              Revelation 12:4. The dragon is described as the Serpent of Old, the Devil and Satan in Revelation 12:9. The
              Constellation of Crater is a bowl? In Revelation 16:1, it says “Go and pour out on the earth the seven bowls of the wrath of
              God.” Crater symbolizes God’s Wrath being poured out. His Judgment and Wrath of God are also symbolized by
              the Constellation of Leo, the Lion. The Messiah is symbolized by the planet of Jupiter and the Constellation of
              Taurus, the bull, represents a priestly sacrifice. The scales of justice are represented by the Constellation of Libra
              and it symbolizes God’s righteous judgment.  The Word was with God from the beginning before the creation of
              this visible universe and world. The truth is the Prophetic Word is divinely-given and inspired by God to the
              Prophets and Apostles. Interpretation of these heavenly signs will be validated through independent sources. The
              heavenly signs will be used to look at events of over the past fifty years in America. The Bible makes a number of
              surprising references to “signs” in the heavens from the Book of Genesis on creation to the Last Book of the
              Bible in Revelation about the End Times. The word “sign” occurs 855 times in 806 verses of the Bible. It is key
              to understanding the signifiance of the word “sign.” The first usage is in Genesis in the context of God’s creation
              and establishment of the ordinances of the heavens.

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