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              constellations and what they represent may be the oldest surviving text of any language. Does this point to some
              level of importance and significance to mankind? There must be significance to their names. Some constellation
              and star names date back to the time of Job in the Bible such as “Bear.”  The Pleiades star cluster was given the
              Hebrew name הָמיִכּ Kimah (Kymh) cluster stars:—Pleiades   in Job’s time and is still used today. Some of today’s
              present names of stars and their meaning were recorded during the ancient times of the Babylonian Empire. A
              prime example is the Star of Bethlehem.  There are many passages which state that God arranged the stars and
              set the ordinance of the heavens. These are the mathematical laws of the heavens known for centuries.

              Isaiah 40:26 “Lift your eyes on high,  and see who created all these stars, The One who leads forth their
              host by number, He calls them all by name. Because of his greatness of His might and the strength of
              His power, not one of them is missing.”
              The first time I understood there was meaning to “Heavenly Signs” was with the birth of Christ and how the Magi
              saw the Star of Bethlehem in the East. The Magi understood that this was a sign of the Messiah, the King, and
              they came to worship Him and give Him gifts. I wondered how they knew the star represented the King. It was
              because of the heavenly bodies which made up the Bethlehem Star. It had meaning and significance to the Magi.

              JOHANNES KEPLER (1571-1630) paved the way for rediscovery of the Bethlehem Star. He puzzled out the
              math which drives the heavens. He even used his formula to search for the Bethlehem Star. But unlike us, Kepler
              had no computer. With software incorporating Kepler's equations, we can animate ancient skies or the future
              skies over the Middle East or the United States with great precision and accuracy.

              JOHANNES KEPLER set out to show that a planet would travel in a perfect circular orbit around the sun,
              called a solar orbit. This presented an easy mathematical model and simple view and beauty of his planetary
              understanding. Nevertheless, he could not force the mathematical model of circular orbits to align with what was
              observed in the night skies.

              TYCHO BRAHE (1546-1601) made an invitation to Kepler to come to Prague and collaborate in the study of
              the solar system. At this time, it was poorly understood even after following Newton’s work.  It was thought, that
              the planets were “Wandering Stars.” This was due to the fact that planetary movement across the skies didn’t
              necessarily follow the normal path from east to west of the true stars in the night sky. Planets could retrace their
              paths in the night sky based upon night time observation. Both men were brilliant and motivated to unravel the
              mystery of planetary motion. Tycho Brahe died suddenly and Kepler found himself with full access to Brahe’s
              library and works, which ended up changing everything from this point forward. Kepler published his First and
              Second Law of Planetary Motion in the year 1609. This was followed by Kepler’s Third Law, about ten years
              later. These mathematical law models were so accurate that NASA and other astronomers worldwide use them
              today. Kepler’s laws hold the keys to the heavens. The motion of the planets and the constellations are so unique
              that they can be used to pinpoint an actual day in the past or in the future with inclusion of the sun and moon
              even the hour of the day. With software incorporating Kipler’s equations, we can model with computers as well
              as create the observable heavens for future and past heavenly events. All that is needed is to provide a given
              latitude and longitude of observation on the earth.  In minutes the software can reproduce the numerous sky
              maps by computer hardware, which calculates using these equations. This software can be used to animate the
              night or daytime skies at any speed in time. This will make years, months, or days pass within a moment of a real
              time clock.  This is what has been used to create the “Heavenly Signs: U.S. Eagle Falls” pictures incorporated into
              this book. This has been done by running computer software called “Starry Night” by Simulation Curriculum

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