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              I would like to thank Yolanda Shirley, my sister, for the numerous hours spent checking and rechecking this
              manuscript. This includes your valuable input and insight into what has been written. Without your input, this
              book would not be as easy to understand or as interesting to the readers. Your dedication on the editing process
              was very discerning.

              Your on-going encouragement on a difficult subject was very precious to me. I know this book will be marked
              by controversy. This controversy exists because astrology and not Biblical astronomy has tainted the minds of
              Christians. But, God had made and designed the heavens for signs to the nations. King David understood these
              signs in the heavens and bowed down and humbled himself when they were seen in the skies over Jerusalem.
              This methodology of reasoning seems to be an ancient and lost approach to confirming God’s signs and
              warnings to the nations. I would like to again thank you for your words of encouragement.

              I’m very appreciative of the countless hours you spent.  The phone calls were invaluable to discuss the material
              that went into each chapter. Your spiritual words and prayers went a long way in developing the series of books
              entitled “Heavenly Signs.”

              Saying “Thank You” may seem a “Little Thing” but, I must say again and again many thanks for the time that you
              personally spent on this book. I will always cherish the spiritual enlightenment you gave me. You are, without a
              doubt, my closest spiritual friend. I’m indebted to you forever.

              Love from your Brother

              Cover Picture

              Bottom Cover Image: A total eclipse of the sun is a coast-to-coast event over the United States in 2017. It is
              considered a bad omen. It represents darkness and wickedness in the land where it is viewed. To the north of the
              total eclipse line are the coastal states which have made it lawful for same-sex marriages. Domesticated sodomy is
              an abomination in God’s sight.  The last time a coast-to-coast total eclipse occurred over the U.S. was in 1918.
              We sent 10,000 troops a day into World War I and then a decade later it was followed by the Great Depression.
              This eclipse in 2017 is in the Constellation of Leo, the Lion. The Lion in the Bible represents the Lion of Judah
              and God’s Wrath. Is it time for God’s Judgment on the United States of America?

              Sodom and Gomorrah in Modern Times: There are those who believe the End Times reflect Genesis running
              in reverse order. The United States is now living in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah. The Justices of the U.S.
              have made it lawful to do what is seen as an abomination by God. The destruction of Sodom occurred 380 years
              after Noah’s Flood. The Flood relates to the cosmic disturbances in the heavens during the opening of the Sixth
              Seal in Revelation. Prior to the Flood, Enoch was translated and taken to heaven. This relates to the Rapture of
              His Bride from this earth. This will be followed by God’s final Seven Trumpet Judgments and His Millennial
              Reign upon this earth. This is analogous to God walking in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve before sin
              was present.
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