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              library and works, which ended up changing everything going forward from this point. Kepler published his First
              and Second Law of Planetary Motion in the year 1609. This was followed by Kepler’s Third Law, about ten years
              later. These mathematical law models were so accurate that NASA and other astronomers worldwide use them
              today. Kepler’s laws hold the keys to the heavens. The motion of the planets and the constellations are so unique
              that they can be used to pinpoint an actual day in the past or in the future with inclusion of the sun and moon
              even the hour of the day. With software incorporating Kipler’s equations, we can model with computers as well
              as create the observable heavens for future and past heavenly events. All that is needed is to provide a given
              latitude and longitude of observation on the earth.  In minutes the software can reproduce the numerous sky
              maps by computer hardware, which calculates using these equations. This software can be used to animate the
              night or daytime skies at any speed in time. This will make years, months, or days pass within a moment of a real
              time clock.  This is what has been used to create the “Heavenly Signs – Grand Design for the Rapture” pictures
              incorporated into this book. This has been done by running computer software called “Starry Night” by the
              Simulation Curriculum Corporation.

                                                                   Pleiades: Crown

                                                                 Mars & Mercury


              June 2393 Image of Darkness - Sunrise, the sun eclipsed by Mars, Mercury and the moon

              What is the significance of heavenly bodies? In traditional astrological nomenclature, the stars were divided into
              “fixed stars” (Latin stellæ fixæ), which means the stars and other galactic or intergalactic bodies that are recognized
              by astronomers and “wandering stars” (Greek: πλανήτης αστήρ, planētēs astēr), which we know are the planets of
              the solar system. The first sets of stars were called “fixed” because it was thought they were attached to the
              firmament, and are the most distant from earth of the heavenly spheres. The “fixed” star movement across the
              sky is very predictable based upon their relationship to other stars and typically rise from the east and go down in
              the west much like the sun.  The “Image of Darkness” shown above has a number of significant signs.  One of
              those signs is the Pleiades star cluster marked in white as “Pleiades: Crown” which represents, a crown of authority,
              independent of its name Seven Sisters, Pleiades or הָמיִכּ. This is the eclipse of the sun with Mars, Mercury, and
              the moon, which radiates sunlight upward and not onto the earth. Jupiter and Orion are just above the treetops.
              Jupiter symbolizes the Messiah and Orion represents the “True Shepherd.” Is this the sign in the sky of the “Son of
              Man” that is mentioned by Christ in Matthew 24:30? During the creation of the heavens and earth, God has put
              signs into the heavens for us to see and interpret. We will first take a look at the significance of the moon. Total
              solar eclipses are considered a bad omen for the nations. While blood moons are an omen for the Jewish people
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